A Successful Spring Picnic and Wellbeing Walk

Lovely weather, fun, games and lots of cheer at this year’s Spring Picnic which was held on Thursday 11 May, at Crystal Palace Park.

This year’s picnic had a good turnout with lots of fun activities. The Community Options staff and service users were all there to enjoy this fun-packed day socialising and taking part in team activities with their peers. We were glad to see that the weather held out for the duration of the picnic and we only had to endure a sprinkle of rain just as we were packing up after a fantastic day.

On the day, guests enjoyed a picnic with a lovely spread of picnic favourites with a variety of beverages and refreshments, sandwiches, crisps, sausages rolls, cakes, and sweet treats, not to mention healthy fruit and vegetable snacks too.

The guests enjoyed socialising and catching up with their friends in the sun.

Christine said of the day, “Good catching up with old friends and I enjoyed socialising as this picnic which brings people together”.

On the day, as the weather was so nice, a group of picnic attendees got together and went for a scenic, therapeutic wellbeing walk to admire Crystal Palace Park’s treasures, while walking off some of the picnic food indulgences. The activities enjoyed on the walk, apart from the fresh air, included looking at the models of the ancient extinct animals in the Dino Park, watching the ducks in the pond and also appreciated the beauty of the enviroment.

Vernon said, “This day was very therapeutic, with lots of food, drink, sunshine and people”.

The day was also packed with a competitive fun and a team-building atmosphere as attendees displayed their skills challenging themselves playing all-time favourites such as 2-a-side badminton, Jenga, giant dominoes and Snakes and Ladders and sports day classics such as the Egg and Spoon Race.

Tim said, “This day is good for my mental health and helps my anxiety and getting used to being around a lot of people”.

Trevor described the day as, “Energetic, fun and positive with plenty of people”.

So we thank everyone who was able to make this year’s picnic possible and all the people that attended, and hope for a good picnic with good weather next year.