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Residents get snookered!

Staff and residents at one of our projects in Sutton were joined by local Police Officers last week and challenged to a game of snooker.

It was a great chance to break down barriers and get to know each other.

Despite some amazing efforts, you’ll be pleased to hear that residents and staff from Community Option’s won however a rematch is being scheduled for early 2019!

Thanks go to the local constabulary for helping make the evening so much fun!


Read about Anthony’s journey with mental illness and how we are helping him…

Anthony has been using services from Community Options for a number of years.  He asked us to share his story to inspire hope in others that there is a good life to be had after a mental health diagnosis.

“I became unwell at 19 years of age when attending college. I began hearing voices. The doctor diagnosed mental health and I was prescribed medication. At this time I was approaching modelling agencies for work. I found a lot of closed doors. They did not want to know due to my mental health. Society dealt me a savage blow. This felt very depressing.

At school I always struggled. I found out I had dyslexia but at the time. It was difficult to view myself positively with such negative messages.

My strong faith and positive attitude helped me through these tough times. I always look to find ways to move forward. I want to challenge people’s perceptions of mental health. We all have mental health and people should not judge. There is more to me than mental Health and this is the key message I want to share with others to challenge their thinking.

Here are some interesting facts about me:

  • I have a very good memory and love to learn languages especially French and can speak this fluently.
  • I take pride in my appearance and love to wear nice, well tailored clothes in bright colours which are well coordinated. I love dazzling white socks and polished shoes.
  • I can make clothes and once made a bright lime suite.
  • I love shopping for clothes.
  • I take care of my health and eat a balanced diet and remain active
  • I love taking part in sports such as Frisbee, table tennis, volley ball or basket ball.
  • I am very sociable and have a lot of friends.
  • I am always open to new experiences.
  • I really care about others

In 5 years time:

  • I’d like to be living in Brighton near the sea.
  • I’d like a busy social life with lots of friends
  • I’d like to be modelling & designing my own clothes
  • I’d like to have made a difference for people who hear voices offering support and guidance

I have lived with voices for years and have learnt to manage them. The support staff at Community Options have always believed in me, offered me good guidance and advice. They see me for who I am and not just my mental health needs. They have supported me to manage the challenges I experience and move forward with my life. I am currently being supported to fulfil my ambition to model. I am now at a stage where I have the confidence to help others who hear voices and offer support to help them to move on with their lives. Community Options are supporting me to be more involved in training staff to have a better understanding of how to support people who hear voices. I am also considering developing a support group for other’s whop hear voices so we can come together and support each other.  I would like to challenge people’s perceptions of mental health

There is more to me than mental health….”


Growing well-being through horticulture

We are delighted to announce that the Branching Out, Community Engagement and Inclusion Service  recently received a £600 grant from the ‘Finnis Scott Foundation’ to fund a poly tunnel for the Community Horticultural Space Project that the team are developing.

This means that learners will have the opportunity to grow a wider range of vegetables and flowers all year round.

The Finnis Scott Foundation is a charitable trust  established under the will of Lady Montagu Douglas Scott (Valerie Finnis) in 2006. In the last five years over one million pounds has been given away in grants to a great variety of projects with a focus on horticultural projects such as the Branching Out, Community Horticultural Space Project.

This new initiative will give people the opportunity to learn new horticultural and gardening skills to support mental and physical wellbeing. People will also have the opportunity to develop friendships with others who share similar life  experiences.

Trevor Thomas, Horticulture Project Officer and  volunteers from Branching Out have been hard at it in recent months erecting the poly tunnel at one of  Community Options Residential Care Home sites. The learning space is being prepared and will be up and running in time for summer.

Horticultural workshops will be advertised in the coming months and will be available to Bromley residents with lived experience of mental ill health in the borough.


Technical problems with website resolved

The technical difficulties we had with the booking system on our website are now resolved. Our apologies for the delay.
Coursesa are now booking CLICK HERE to find out more. 


We are currently having some technical difficulties with our online training course booking system on this website. Our apologies to all Credo learners who are trying to book a ceramic course.

We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.