S.U.N Group Leaders: Marketing Workshop

On 14th May 2019 a Marketing Workshop was held for the Service User Network (SUN) group leaders in Tower Hamlets. The main aim of this workshop was to help them to explore and gain insight into how using a variety of marketing and communication tools could help people in the local community discover the groups and become involved in SUN activities.

On the day, 11 group leaders attended the sessions. The sessions explored in detail the different online and off-line methods that can be used to communicate. The training was both dynamic and interactive and the attendees played team games and took part in group tasks that were fun and educational.

Group leaders got a chance to connect with one another to discuss how collaborating and hosting joint events could benefit them both and also reviewed the use of print marketing, digital marketing, social media, social media etiquette and event planning.

Participant feedback was very positive with people saying they were “… happy that they came” and another that the workshop was both “… helpful and informative.” There were even requests for the leaders to take part in more advanced sessions, so they might look to build their own online resource in the future.

Thank you to all those who attended the sessions and participated in the tasks and discussions, we look forward to supporting you in future sessions.